Thank you for viewing my portfolio!

My name is Thomas Ulfström and I am a level designer born in Trollhättan – Sweden but I have lived in Stockholm since 2007.

I currently work in Starbreeze as a level designer on the game Payday 2. I make DLCs both paid and free.

My passion for making levels started early, in the beginning I made levels in game editors such as Forge in Halo but then later moved on to modding in games such as Skyrim. I have always found it interesting to build something and then later experience when other people play through it.

I decided a few years back that I wanted to pursue a career making games. I applied to Futuregames game design course where I created several game projects and levels. At the end of the education I started my internship at Starbreeze Studios and started working on Payday 2. After my internship was over I was hired and I am now making levels everyday, living the dream!

My experiences outside of making games such as many years as a dance teacher teaching kids and young adults has really helped
me in making games, both in understanding of the target audience but also dealing with stress and planning of the projects.

If you have any questions, please contact me by phone or mail.

Thomas Ulfström

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