I have been working on Payday 2 since January 2015. I started as an intern on the project and got hired after my internship. My role on Payday 2 is a Level Designer.

Payday 2 was released in September 2013 thus all the content I have worked on have been DLCs.


Boiling Point

Boiling Point is a combat only map set in Russia. It is a collaboration with the movie ”Hardcore Henry” and the story connects with the movie.

In Boiling Point the players parachutes in to the Siberian forest and must disable anti-air guns. Then make there way in to a lumber mill where a plane has dropped off an EMP which the crew uses to gain access to a hidden laboratory under the mill.

I created the design and layout of the level. I scripted it and propped most areas.


Interception is Day 2 of the Biker heists. On this map you are on a moving train. You start at the back of the train and have to fight your way to the front and steal as much loot as you can.

Interception is the most technically advance in Payday. Because it is set on a moving train all enemies had to be flown in by helicopter, I also added cars on the side of the train and various other enemies to create more intense combat. The layout of the train is randomised and is different each time you play it. This created a very complex navigation for the AI but in the end it turned out great. It is a relatively short map but also one of the most intense maps in Payday.

The design and scripting I created together with one of the other level designers on Payday.


Slaughterhouse is a remake of the Payday: The heist map with the same name. This was the first map I worked on during my internship at Starbreeze.

Since a lot had change since the first Payday I re scripted the level from the beginning and updated all the navigation and spawns. I also added more randomisation and a more interesting escape.


Counterfeit is another remake from the first Payday. I worked on this map for the final stretch before release. When I took over the map it worked fairly well but it needed that little bit of extra to make it interesting for returning players. I made the map ”endless”, which essentially means that players can stay on the map for however long they choose and keep on printing money. I also tweaked a lot of timings to make the map more smooth.

During Futuregames we had a level design course where we at the same time participated in a contest for the Torn Banner game “Chivalry Medieval Warfare” .

The rules of the contest were to create a Team objective map with at least three objectives set in a medieval setting.
The map that I created is called Encampment. I did everything myself using the “Chivalry” UDK editor, this includes all the kismet scripting, design and level art.

Encampment features three objectives.
First the attacking team (Mason order) has to attack a village and kill at least 20 peasants in order to move on to the next objective, the defending team (Agatha knights) has to stop this from happening.

In the second objective the Masons needs to push a cart and batter down the gates to the military camp.

In the third and last objective the Masons need to defeat the Agatha king.


The Village

Objective for Mason: Kill 20 villagers

Objective for Agatha: Stop or delay the Masons as long as possible

Side objective: Destroy gate by hitting it with normal weapons


In this objective the Masons has to kill at least 20 peasants in order to move on.

The Masons spawn outside the village at the docks and can attack the village from two different routes. The first is a shorter route but also means that the Masons has to batter down a gate in order to get in to the village.
The other route is longer but also safer, since it is further from the Agatha spawn.
The Agatha spawn inside a house in the village.

In the village the peasants are mostly concentrated in two different areas, around the well in the main square and at the large house in the north of the village. A few peasants are also running around in other areas.

In order to avoid the behaviour where everyone will gather around the last peasant and making it extremely hard for the Masons to complete the objective there are a few extra peasants.


Battering Ram

Objective for Mason: Push the cart to the gates and batter them down

Objective for Agatha: Stop the push by keeping Masons coming close to the ram


In the second objective the Masons have to push a battering ram on a narrow road and over a bridge, when the ram reaches the gate they also have to batter it down.
The ram is pushed by having more Masons than Agatha in a close proximity to the cart.

The Masons spawns in a granary atop a hill and the Agatha spawns in a barn midway on the route for the battering ram.

There are several tactical points where the Agatha can stop the cart, including the narrow bridge where Agatha can stack up and form a wall to stop the Masons from getting close, to counter this there is a side route to reach the other side of the bridge.

Shortly after the bridge there is another close gap just by a hill, where Agatha can position archer to stop advancing Masons.


Military Camp

Objective for Mason: Kill the Agatha king

Objective for Agatha: Defend the Agatha king

Side obejctive: Batter down inner gate



The last is objective is to kill the Agatha king, the player on the Agatha team who has the highest score gets spawned as a king. The king has more health and also does more damage than a normal player.

The Masons spawns just outside the camp, the Agatha spawns randomly in one of two locations at the end of the camp, this is to not make it a tactic for the king to stay close to the spawns.

Inside the camp there are many different routes for the Masons to take, this includes a route through the barracks and a route on the catwalks.

The king can choose to hang back at the far end of the camp, for example hide in the tent, however this means that when enemies get close the king has nowhere to run.

Another tactic is to stay close to the other Agatha and be a part of the fights, or stay up on the catwalk and be ready to jump down when the Masons close in.



Crystal Crawl was a seven week game project in collaboration with Microsoft where we were to make a vertical slice of a free to play game made for the Windows Surface 2.

In Crystal Crawl I was in charge of the level design and building the three dungeons we had in the game. I also did a lot of scripting including the three spells and the upgrading system for the tower.

We wanted to build three very different dungeons to show how the game can play both early and late in the game.

We decided to have the camera locked room by room and also that you can’t leave the room until you defeat all the monsters in the room.

This meant that every room needed to feel and play different and also that the different dungeons needed to have a different feel and look to them.

There was also the time factor, it was important to create the different dungeons without putting to much strain on the artist to create assets. Mostly I decided to play with the floor plan and put holes in the floor as well as expanding in the walls to create a different floor plan for each room.

Tutorial Dungeon

The tutorial dungeon was the most important to us and the only one where we decided to add hero pieces and scripted events.

In the tutorial it was important to clearly teach the player the controls as well as the goals of the dungeons.

Easy Dungeon

The easy dungeon is exactly as it sounds, easy. Most rooms contain only a few enemies and are quite easy to defeat. The dungeon is fairly straight forward and it is usually only one or two exits at each room to avoid getting lost.

Hard Dungeon

The hard dungeon is where we really wanted to challenge the players. I wanted this dungeon to be darker than the others and decided on a prison theme.

This dungeon is really hard and there are several rooms with multiple enemies. The most challenging rooms contain several mushrooms that will shoot both mortars and bullets at the player.

The player needs to be skilled and smart to complete this dungeon.

During my time at Futuregames we were tasked with making levels to Unmechanical which were later to become the added content for Unmechanical Extended which will soon be released on PS3, PS4 and PlayStation Vita.

I was in charge of creating the first puzzle in the game.
In the intro of the level the main character and his friend is separated and in this first puzzle the player must help his friend who is stuck in a room behind a glass window.

The player must pull levers which moves big pressers. Each lever controls several crushers and the player needs to figure out which levers needs to pulled in order to make all the crushers go to the back so the friend can pass.
When you pull a lever it shifts the positions of the pressers it controls. As an example level two controls the first three crushers.
Every time a crusher moves to the back a light in front of the crushers changes from red to green to make it easier for the player to understand how to solve the puzzle.

Following is a video of a playthrough of the puzzle:

I tried a lot of different combinations on the levers when designing this puzzle and then had my classmates test it to find the perfect difficulty level.
The whole puzzle can be solved in three moves if you do it perfect but in test of the puzzle most people need a lot more.
Due to time restrictions and the fact that I wanted to focus on my Chivalry level I handed over my level to one of the classmates who then did all the level art for the level.

HoverCraft is a fast paced multiplayer vehicle shooter. Its a game for up to 6 players divided into two teams.

Each team starts with a commander that builds a base for his team and then both teams compete to take a bomb and plant it in their opponents base.
Each player controls a hovercraft equipped with a machine gun and a unique class weapon, this includes a emp weapon, flamethrower and a missile launcher.

HoverCraft was a four week long school project at Futuregames plus two weeks of pre production. Our team consisted of me, one other designer and four artists.

As one of two designers my responsibilities were mostly to game design and level design but I also did a lot of scripting.
Things that I scripted included:

  • The movement for all the vehicles
  • Powerups
  • Flamethrower weapon
  • Emp weapon

Level Design



Due to lack of time both on design and for artist we decided to only have one level.

We want the game to be really fast paced with alot of action and the time from when you die to you are back in action should be really short. Because of this the map is rather small and compact and about half the map is consisted of the two teams bases.

The bomb is randomly spawned in one of two locations on the map, one in the north and one in the south. The bomb doesn’t spawn right away thus creating a phase where both teams fight for position near the bomb spawn to get a tactical advantage.

There is also power-ups that spawn in one of three other different locations, one in the center of the map and two on a high ground to the north.

The power-ups includes:

  • Double speed
  • Double damage
  • Health
  • Armor

More than that I added a lot of jumps and small narrow spaces to further enhance the fast paced feeling and intense action.

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